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Silks & Prints from the Abraham Archive: Couture in Colour

The exhibition "Silks&Prints" presents a wonderful collection of beautiful fabrics created by Abraham company. Throughout its existence the company has worked with such well-known designers as Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent and Hubert de Givenchy. The company was closed in 2002, but left an amazing archive of textiles, print samples, couture photographs and scrapbooks.
The exhibition is divided into several parts, which present different kinds of prints on fabric, collaboration with designers and photo archive.
All fabrics are divided by type of pattern and separated into several themes: flowers, animal prints, checks, monochrome and black&white fabrics.
Floral, and especially rose, print was one the most common recurring motif at Abraham.
Many of Christian Dior's most successful looks were created with floral prints from the Abraham collections.
Chrisian Dior's dresses
When Christian Dior died in 1957, his successor Yves Saint Laurent continued the collaboration with Abraham.
Yves Saint Laurent & Abraham
Animal prints

Monochrome fabrics are hugely depends on the type of material and its texture, which can make a weave look matte or shiny.
Gazar was a speciality of Abraham. A feather-light yet substantial, crispy silk was a perfect material for Balenciaga's creations. It made his sculptural dresses seem even more ephemeral.
Balenciaga & Abraham

Hubert de Givenchy & Abraham

Black&White fabrics

Photos: blog.momu.be

The exhibition is open until 11.08.2013.

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